Process Installation
Saw Incision Method:
Fretsaw: trapezoidal / flat saw blade   Incline the teeth of flat saw 45°  hard alloy.       
The diameter of saw blade: 300mm
Number of saw teeth: 72 pieces are used to cut 5 boards     Leuco Ref: 188389
96 pieces are used to excision the fins     Leuco Ref: 188390
The diameter of saw balde: 250mm
Number of saw teeth: 60 pieces are used to cut 5 boards     Leuco Ref: 188939
80 pieces are used to excision the fins    Leuco Ref: 188940
Thickness of teeth: 3.0mm
Back angle: 15°
Front angle:+10°
V- Notch Method:
If you want make V-slot in the back of the aluminum composite panel, through the artificial method is easy to mold, use the regulate planer.

Incision rate : 3000-5000 meter/ min

Feeding rate: 25-30 meter/ min

U-Notch Method:
Using the special incision machine with guide board to make U-notch.

After the process of V-notch, the aluminum composite panel is very easy for hand operation.

Riveted joint Method:

Using the usual equipment can rivet and solid fixed, if used outside, the use of heating seals should be taken into consideration. Self-plugging rivet can connect conviently from one direction.

Operating on flat roof, the bending part can be made very trim. Flat punch, table-flap machine or bending mould are suitable to be the bending equipments. We recommend you to bend with the temperature above 10°C.
Bolt connection:
Concerning the distortion limitation, Company e≥2D, hole diameter(D) and the distance between the center of the hole and panel edge(e), is the best calculate method.
Using the table-flap:
Using the table-flap, the min inside radius: r=15xt (t means thickness of the panel)
Using trio-press brake:
Comparing to the bable-flap machine, the trio-press brake is fitter for bigger inside radium bending. And if you do it before bending, it can be bended by hand after bending.
Drilling Method:
It is easy to drill holes on Aluminum composite panel, in order to realize the best effect, we suggest you use special aluminum and plastic drilling machines.

Incision angle: 100°- 400°
Helical angle: 30°- 50°
Incision rate:50-300 meter/min
Feeding rate: 0.02-0.5mm/Speed
Drilling dimension: screw width +2mm

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