Company Culture
Company Philosophy

The industry serves the country, becoming a member in global market

Company Spirit

Revive the company, being able to do first

Business Ethics

Good faith is the base, treat world with virtue

Quality Principle

We provide outstanding product

Policy of Management:

Whole staff participation, constant improvement, perfect effective quality management system;

Market guide, environment friendly, provide fine product;

Pollution prevention, standard drainage, improving the consciousness of environmental protection and energy conservation;

Suitable environment, Healthy and security, Creating suitable and security working environment.

Quality Aim:

The Qualified rate of finished product is more than 96%; satisfaction degree of customer is more than 95%

Environmental Aim:

Drainage of waste water, waste gas, waste residue meet the standard without pollution accident.

Stop occupation harm and personal injuries accident

Outstanding staff

Being loyal to the company

Being loyal to the occupation

Being loyal to the personality

Each person saves little every day, for enterprise it is very big saving

Attitude is everything

Detail leads different result

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