Product Introduction
Two layers of involucra, two layers of aluminium metal
one layer of plastic, one layer of anticorrosive
one layer of FLC colophony lacquer
one guard layer
 The use of product
The outside wall of the building, purdah wall, old building's rebuild and retread,
balcony, equipment cell, indoor clapboard, watch board, info board, advertisement board,
show desk, work stuff, refrigerator car
 Product size
Inside wall:
size: 3 × 1220 × 2440
thick: 0.21mm
outside wall:
siez: 4 × 1220 × 2440  5 × 1220 × 2440
thick: 0.5mm
 Specialty of the product
Hardness, easy to care of, four season for use;
easy to machining and construction;
heat insulation, fireproofing;
quakeproof, lighten the load of the building;
beautiful and cheap, velvet and level.
 Specialty pictures
Easy to peel off Seasonful Colorful
Fireproofing Strikeproffing Easy to construction

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