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   Shandong Lehua Aluminium-Plastic Products Co., Ltd established on 1st July 1998 and with its predecessor Weifang Lehua Changle Aluminium –Plastic Products Co., Ltd, is one of the earlist aluminium composite panel manufacturers in China. The company located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, 10km far from the beautiful kite capital city Weifang. The company has very convenient transportation because its location is next to jiaoji railway, 5km far from jiqing highway and near to 309 National Road.
      The company has invested 50 million rmb to intruduce three most advanced aluminum composite panel production line from Germany, with an annual output of 3 million square meters aluminum composite panels including Lehua, Le Liya, Haishang Jixiang brand inside and outside wall aluminum composite panel, fireproof aluminum-plastic plate, nano self cleaning aluminum plate. The company is armed with strong technical force by having 10 senior engineers and 30 skilled technicians. The company participated in the national aluminum plate quality research and the establishment of national standard.
      " Lehua Aluminum Composite Panel, Excellent quality ". The company has strict QC systerm to assure product quanlity,  and strive to be concentrating and professional, dedicated to build a famous brand of aluminum-plastic plate.  It is one of  the standing  directors of CAPA, and it is the first manufacturer of ACP which pass through the international quality system (GB / T19001-2008), occupational health and safety management system (GB / T28001-2011), environment management system (GB / T24001-2004) three certification, It is also the first company to use international standard product marks. The company has been awarded the  "Shandong Famous Brand", "Green Building Materials Products" "China Market Credit Rating AAA " and other honors.
      "Industry to serve the country , into the world". The companies has  established over 50 distribution centers in big and medium size cities all over the China. Relying on excellent product quality and good after-sales service, Lehua brand aluminum-plastic plate wins many large and medium size project with high appreciation, such as National Olympic projects booths and shelters, Beijing Olympic Sports Center, the National Building Materials Testing Center, China Military office building, Shandong Architectural Design Institute, Jinan Digital Products Center(China ACP quality demonstration project), Jinan airport, Nanchang cigarette factory, Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Industrial and commercial bank system in Anhui Province. The products are also exported to ASEAN, South Asia, Central Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia, Argentina, Japan, India, Singapore etc. Like the administrative center of the building in Vladivostok, Russia, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Department store in the United Arab Emirates, Singapore Post and telecommunications building, Azerbaijan International Airport and many large project abroad were use our ACP, which help gain a great image  for us.
      "Good integrity as basis, Great Virtue as commitment" The company always insist to use the raw materials from the credibility, quality excellent suppliers to ensure the excellent quality. Its quanlity that we rely on to survive in the market sales. We always take good integrity as basis, pay attention to after-sale service, always insist on the rules of people –oriented and market centered, strongly support the customers with the fate of company, forging ahead in unity and cooperation of winning for both. The company invites people from all walks of life with great mind to seek common development in the international market with a warm heart.
      Lehua Aluminum Composite Panel, Sincerely forever…
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